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In attempting to connect to an existing Gigya instance as an identity provider. I've followed the documentation on both the Adobe side and Gigya side but when I attempt to open the login view, the in-app browser closes before resolving the page and errors out.

I've narrowed this down to an issue with the Service provider ID but I can't find any information on what this ID should be. In all the example set ups I've found it's listed as https://es.publish.adobe.com/saml2

Is this correct? And if so, does anyone have experience with Gigya integrations?



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If you do not hear any information from the community on this use case - please contact support.


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Hi Scott

It may also be worth opening a support case with the Gigya Tech Support team who may be able to assist here.

A case can be opened via the Gigya Admin Console/Support Portal using the customers credentials. They can set you up if required.


Jason Hodgkinson

Director, Support Engineering

Gigya EMEA