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Generic Custom Authentication


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I have a doubt about the Generic Custom Authentication.

I already have a service entitlement following specifications of the "v2 Direct Entitlement APIs".

I created an article with a custom UI using 3 fields to authenticate with the server. The server makes a POST request and returns me a token in my Android app.

With the token, I call the setAuthToken method to authenticate my user, so the user is authenticated in the application and then he can access the collections restricted and protected.

I took the same code of the article and I uploaded to my web server.

And following the set up of custom authentication went to Master Settings > Identity Providers. I filled in the field "Authentication URL" with my custom URL.

But when I open the app or the web version, I get the following error message:

          Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) cordova.js

          Uncaught ReferenceError: cq is not defined

So my question is how to fix this issue both in the mobile and webviewer version.

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One possible problem is that you need to wait for the ‘deviceready' event in order to ensure everything needed is loaded and ready. Can you provide a link to the article either here or to me directly? bbringhu at adobe.com


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​Thank you so much for answer me Bob!!

​Can you provide your email to me? That way I can send to you my code, my email is marco.goncalves@kroton.com.br