Facing issue with content sync in AEM+Phone Gap Hybrid Mobile App




We have developed mobile app by following the structure of AEM Phone Gap Starter Kit as suggested in Adobe documentation and APP is working properly in Mobile

But we are facing the issue with developing the content sync for this app, we have provided the Update button in APP when we click on the app it is  triggering the call to check isContentPackageUpdateAvailable in app-navigation.js as it is done GeometrixxOutdoorApp. But this is ending up throwing error from ContentUtils.js  at below place where "name" is coming as null

    getContentPackageDetailsByName: function(name) {

        var key = this.contentPackageDetailsKeyPrefix + name;

        var details = localStorage.getItem(key);

        return JSON.parse(details);


Can some body  provide inputs here how to make this content sync work and what are all configurations required. I can see this working fine in GeometrixxOutDoor App where it is going upto  getJSON method in ContentUtils.js end up with connection 'Request to url: resulted in a connection error.'