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Developing custom phone gap hybrid app using AEM and AEMmobile cloud


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Hi ,

I understand there are two ways to develop the Hybrid app in AEM

  1. AEM facilitating to develop custom phone gap hybrid mobile app on AEM plat form
  2. https://aemmobile.adobe.com cloud to develop the apps

I see in current out of the box components available ng-components and ng- page, all the scripts have in build support to develop the hybrid app using AngularJS.

Is there future any plan to Adobe to update these out of the box components support to latest Angular frame work and continuing support for developing Hybrid Apps using AEM alone rather AEM mobile cloud?

We have not used https://aemmobile.adobe.com so far, would be able to plug in custom components and templates developed for hybrid app in apps developing  using https://aemmobile.adobe.com​ or to develop the custom components and templates based on angular while developing app using https://aemmobile.adobe.com

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