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Create a card that shows a main collection embedding other collection


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I explain my self, I know it doesn't sound clear.

In my Layout Template I have created a card. I would like this card to showcase lest's say 5 Old magazines. Those 5 old magazine have been added/regroup to a main collection named "Old". So I want my card to show the 5 old magazine covers, instead of showing the Main Collection picture. Is that possible?

I've been making several test and it seems just impossible to do as it will always display the Main collection preview. Then need to tap on it to see the sub collection.

And I don't want to have those 5 Old collection directly embedded in my Layout Template collection 1st level, as it is a mess in my layout each time we will integrate new magazine, mapping will need again to be reordered completely as I have several sections. I want to make it easier for the designers next month, to just add a new collection with the right keyword/linked collection, so it will appear directly in the right card/section of my Template layout.

Here is the exemple of the page.



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i don't believe that is possible with the current way the Browse Pages work.   I don't think you can display the contents of a collection within the browse page card for that collection.