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Client library(css/js) not found when an article is uploaded from AEM to AEMM.


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I’m trying to build an app. For this I have integrated AEM 6.2 and AEM on-demand. I’m creating an article in AEM and upload the article into AEM on-demand portal and later deploy it onto the phone.

I have created a page component and template in AEM 6.2 and added HTML code into the page component JSP file. I have created a client library node ( clientlib ) and added my JS/CSS files into that and referenced it in my HTML. An article is created using the said template. When clicked on “edit” the article is previewed properly i.e., the HTML is properly referencing the JS/CSS files. But when the article is uploaded to on-demand and preflighted onto a phone, the JS/CSS files are missing. Only static HTML without styling is displayed. The debugger shows clientlib.css and clientlib.js files are not found.

For better understanding of the issue I have attached the screenshots of the output of the article when viewed in browser and when viewed on phone.

Kindly help us with this issue which we are facing for the past 3 days and due to which we cannot proceed any further.

Screenshot (36).png

The above image is when the article is viewed on browser.

The below image is when the article is viewed on phone.


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