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I noticed when creating a layout you have the option of top margin, side margin, and gutters. I currently have my top and side margins set to 0 dip with my gutters set to 8 dip. Although I have no margins on the layout, there is white space at the bottom of the layout after the last element. I assume this is from the 8 dip gutter; however, I do not understand why a gutter would appear after the last element.

It seems as though there should be no gutter if there is no more content in the layout, and instead there should be a bottom margin option. The current behavior prevents be from having a card flush to the bottom of my layout when I have a gutter.

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It is indeed a gutter-sized space being added after the last row of cards. I would like to address this in an upcoming release but can't provide an ETA yet.

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andreig16075272 I am experiencing this on iOS and Android devices, both mobile and tablet layouts. It seems like the layout should have a bottom margin option and the gutter should not continue beyond the last card in the collection.