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android css rendering / shared content


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we have some problems with css-rendering and scroll behaviour within html-articles on android devices.

1.) articles are rendered different when style-sheets are referenced by shared content or within the

article itselfs.

debugging ( eg. gap-debug ) shows, that styles from shared-content are loaded correctly but will lead

to a different, quite broken article-layout.

in ios everything works fine.

2.) generally the layout for html-articles in your android-apps does not come to our web-designers expectations.

we have tested the article-layout in serveral external webview-apps/emulators and everything work fine, while the layout get`s

broken in your preflight-app.

so it`s very hard for us to reproduce where the error(s) is(are).

do you have some recommendations?



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Have you ruled out versioning mismatches?  Like, maybe Android is pulling older versions of the shared resources?


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indeed, android is pulling older versions of the shared resources although the actual shared-resource is linked with the article-upload


on ios everything works as expected.


$sharedContUrl = $oDpsShared->getContentUrl();

$articleObj->linkSharedContent($sharedContUrl, 'shared');


we get arround this issue by placing a uniqe timestamp for each collection with the assets calls  ( e.g ../shared/main.css?1454662533 ).

this will cause android to deliver the latest shared-resource.