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Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing Solutions) - PROBLEMS


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I work for a publishing company and when we originally signed up to the Adobe Creative Cloud a couple years back, we were able to produce single edition apps for a publication. Although we didn’t have a developers licence, we could create the publication in InDesign, and test the apps functionality on an iPad or iPhone. We have recently looked into doing this again, but have had some issues with the newest version of Adobe DPS. I have signed up for the free trial, but can’t seem to be able to finish building an app to test without having a developers licence.

We also can’t seem to find any recently tutorials for the latest version of InDesign, that show you how to use the digital publishing tools within InDesign CC 2015/16.

The newest version of Adobe DPS also only appears to support multiply apps and no longer offers the single app option.

If you can clear up any of these issues for me I would be very grateful, as digital publishing is an area we are hoping to move into.

Thanks, John

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Before we go any further, DPS is an enterprise service and carries a price tag to match. All pricing is negotiated based on use case.

If you’re still thinking single edition apps that were included with Creative Cloud, you should really start thinking about alternatives such as third party solutions and/or fixed layout EPUB.

That out of the way, you can use the preflight app to test your app:https://helpx.adobe.com/digital-publishing-solution/help/preflight-app.html


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Bob's input above is important and good. If you want to learn more about the DPS 2015 workflow, take a look at the tutorials and Quick Start Guide on the Trial Resources page: Digital Publishing Solution | Trial Resources

Bob pointed to the DPS Preflight app, a way to check your content and app structure without building your own app. A great resource.

If you've built interactivity (overlays) for the previous DPS system, they work the same way except panoramas aren't supported.

HTH - Colin