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Additional DPS2015 License?


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Level 2


is there anyone who can make me an offer for an additional DPS 2015 license?

I am an enterprise customer for three years with my own app.

But I have also customers for whom I produce corporate magazines (print, about 50 to 100 pages, 1 to 3 times a year).

And they would like to have also apps from that content.

A month ago I persuaded one client to settle for a DPS 2014 single edition (iPad only :-( )

Now comes the next one. And I would really like to give them a real DPS2015 app.
But here in Germany my dealer cannot give me an offer for an additional license.

Okay, I know there are other providers - but I would like to stay with Adobe.

Does anyone have a suggestion?



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There are many options - you could ask about an 'agency' license, or speak to your Adobe sales contact in Germany and perhaps broker a deal for your client. I would recommend speaking to Schaffrath - schaffrath.de as they may be able to help you out.