2016.7 iOS bugs



I'm getting some bugs after building my app in iOS version 2016.7

The overlays in articles that were built in InDesign aren't responding to touch interaction. Specifically I've got multi-state objects that don't respond to any touch interactions. This is happening on every article I've built in InDesign.

I've also got problems with some HTML articles where once the article loads, the top navigation (app level) bar will not appear when the screen is tapped. This isn't consistent, however, and is only affecting some of my HTML articles and not all.

I've removed the app from my device and re-installed it again but it's still having the same issues.

What's funny though is I've built a preflight version of the app in 2016.7, for previewing articles, and this version seems to be working fine.

I'm on an iPad Pro running 9.3.3.

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I am having a similar issue with the top level nav not appearing when the screen is tapped. In my case I have narrowed the issued down to pages with an embedded youtube video (using the youtube iframe snippet). It's specifically an embedded youtube video, I've used other sources for the iframe and the nav works properly (as it does if I remove the iframe entirely).



Here is a little update on the issue. I just installed the app on an iPad Pro running iOS 9.3.1 and it isn't having problems. I've also tested it on Android and Windows with no issues.




The iOS viewer team is looking into this issue. Would you mind sending me your project ID? It appears in the URL when you're in Content & Layout. Please send it to bbringhu at adobe com.