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Resolve concurrent run issues with content copy tool


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: This is an outcome of support case - E-001180834. The support team determined that when the content copy tool is run for AMS linked cloud manager the tool fails if there were any modifications in the copy source
Use-case: The tool is used frequently to downstage the content from prod back to the lower environments. It is not practical to pause all activities in the environments to perform the stage down
Current/Experienced Behavior: Content copy tool breaks in cases if the server content is updated
Improved/Expected Behavior: Content copy should run independent of system usage
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): AMS - AEM 6.5.16
Customer-name/Organization name: Philip morris international
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Hi @Amuthesan_PMI ,

To address the concurrent run issues with the content copy tool in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), especially in the context of AMS linked cloud manager, consider the following suggestions:

  1. Optimize Content Copy Process: Review the content copy process to identify potential bottlenecks or areas for optimization. This may involve optimizing queries, batch processing, or reducing the scope of the copy operation to minimize the impact on system resources.

  2. Implement Retry Mechanism: Enhance the content copy tool to include a retry mechanism in case of failures due to concurrent modifications in the source content. The tool can automatically retry the copy operation after a brief delay to mitigate conflicts with ongoing modifications.

  3. Transactional Copy Operation: Implement a transactional approach for the content copy operation, ensuring that the copy process is atomic and consistent even in the presence of concurrent modifications. This may involve using AEM's built-in transaction management capabilities or implementing custom transaction handling logic.

  4. Incremental Copy: Instead of copying the entire content repository in one go, consider implementing an incremental copy approach where only the modified or new content is copied during each run. This reduces the likelihood of conflicts with concurrent modifications and improves the efficiency of the copy process.

  5. Throttling and Rate Limiting: Implement throttling and rate-limiting mechanisms to control the frequency and intensity of content copy operations, especially during periods of high system usage. This helps prevent resource contention and ensures smoother operation of the copy tool.

  6. Monitoring and Alerting: Set up monitoring and alerting mechanisms to proactively detect and respond to issues with the content copy tool, such as failures due to concurrent modifications. This allows for timely intervention and troubleshooting to minimize downtime and disruption.

  7. Documentation and Best Practices: Provide clear documentation and best practices for using the content copy tool, including recommendations for scheduling copy operations during off-peak hours and managing concurrent activities in the environment to minimize conflicts.

By implementing these strategies, you can improve the robustness and reliability of the content copy tool in AEM, even in environments with high levels of concurrent activity. Additionally, consider collaborating with Adobe Support to further investigate the specific issues encountered in the AMS linked cloud manager environment and explore potential enhancements or workarounds tailored to your use case.




Content Copy for AMS AEM instances doesn’t need to block authoring on the source instance. However, when you initiate content copy, a snapshot is taken of the source, and only the content up to that point is copied over to the stage environment.