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"Build Form" should "stick" on the metadata schema editor page


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: "Build Form" should "stick" on the metadata schema editor page
Use-case: To be able to create metadata schemas easier
Current/Experienced Behavior: When we are creating metadata schemas that have a lot of fields, it is cumbersome to drag the field from the top of the page (since the "Build Form" scrolls with the page) and drag it again to the bottom of the page
Improved/Expected Behavior: The "Build Form" should stick to the page and not scroll with the page so that it is within easy reach. The "Build Form" interface then should have a separate "scroll" from the page, to scroll through the field types. We also think it would be better to have it in the left side of the screen and collapsible so that it does not intrude as much in building the metadata schema. 
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