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Enhancement in AEM instance notifications area


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Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary:

Additional customisations are needed in the AEM notification section to receive specific notifications via email or display few of them in the notification box.

It would also be beneficial to have support for third-party applications like Slack, enabling notifications for particular events.

Enhancing the notification system with more options such as 'Acknowledged' or 'Read' statuses could further improve the user experience

Use-case: Consider the following scenario: If duplicate asset detection is enabled and an author uploads a duplicate asset, a notification is triggered, indicating that a duplicate asset has been uploaded to the DAM. It might be more effective to send an email exclusively for this notification, or alternatively, to send a message to the designated Slack group.
Current/Experienced Behavior: Notifications can either be sent via email for each instance or displayed in the notification area, depending on the chosen configuration.
Improved/Expected Behavior:

It would be beneficial to offer comprehensive customization options for notifications.

This could involve the ability to receive certain notifications via email, integrating with Slack for specific types of notifications, and providing features such as 'acknowledge' and 'read' options.

Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): AEM Cloud
Customer-name/Organization name:  
Screenshot (if applicable): Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 10.23.44 AM.png
Code package (if applicable):  





Thanks for proposing this idea
This has been reported to the engineering under the internal reference SITES-15879. The product team will triage this request to verify feasibility based on the prioritization model. This post will be updated according to the Jira request status.
Status changed to: Investigating




Hi @Nilesh_Mali two suggestions:

  • If Unified Shell is enabled, users can configure their notification preferences for different kinds of alerts and how they receive those notifications. This might help achieve more granular routing without customization
  • With App Builder you can route notifications for certain events to email or slack; while this is still customization to a degree it may help reduce the effort to achieve the results you're looking for