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Bulk Publish/Unpublish/Delete nodes based on uploaded CSV.



Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary: CSV Import Tool which perfom Publish, unpublish, delete, Move actions on given paths in csv 
Use-case: Generally in any project we have multiple nodes [Pages, Assets, Renditions...] that need to be Publish/Unpublish/Delete, and example n number of nodes are not in use and cause huge impact on environment performance and we need to unpublish those and then delete it, it could be n number of assets, pages [which used for testing or duplicates etc]. and let say the number could be in 1000+. so in that case we have to write groovy script, servlet, scheduler or worflow etc, to read the path of nodes from particular CSV and do operation like publish, unpublish, and delete using replicator API or in anyway. and writing this code need lot of optimization based on environment behaviour [e.g : making it sync or async]. Instead of this approach if we could have a generic solution where the product have a CSV importer tool which will read the path of nodes from CSV and perform actions like delete, unpulish, publish. 
Current/Experienced Behavior: Currently I have 30,000+ Assets which are duplicate, and the path of those assets are stored into a CSV file by the QA, Stakeholder team and I need to remove those incluing their properties which holds their renditions path  since it is duplicate, before deleting I need to unpublish those nodes.
Improved/Expected Behavior: a tool which which read the path of nodes from CSV and perfom actions like Publiish, Unpublish and Delete. 
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): AEM6.5 and above.
Customer-name/Organization name: Generic
Screenshot (if applicable):  
Code package (if applicable): reference post : 








Thanks for proposing this idea

This has been reported to the engineering under the internal reference SITES-10705 & SITES-8835. The product team will triage this request to verify feasibility based on the prioritization model. This post will be updated according to the Jira request status.

Status changed to: Investigating




@tushaar_srivastava This is accepted.

Automating published actions is an important goal. Resolving as won't do for now though as the strategy is to provide API access to publish steps, which then can also be automated via AEM App Builder extensions, as opposed to CSV files. PMs are targeting H1 '23 for publishing Content Fragments and others in phase 2. 

Status changed to: Accepted