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Unable to inspect a document.


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I call the DocumentManager.inspectDocument(Document) method within a Java program to inspect a protected document. It throws an SDKException "Caller not authorized to execute the following method getLicense in the class com.adobe.edc.policy.APSDocumentServiceManagerBean". Using the old PPUtil.inspectDoc() method I would get back a response where I could extract the docId, the policyId, and other attributes. The program authenticates against the server with the users private PKI cert and a truststore, not via administrator username/password. How can a standalone client program get authorization to inspect a protected document?

I can use the RightsManagementEncryptionService.inspectPDFDocument with protected PDF files, but the response provide little useful information for me. Also, the application will be applying protection to Office files (haven't tried yet) and there isn't an "inspect" method for those under the RightsManagementEncryptionService.


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For Java SDK's inspectDocument() the user being used to call the API needs to have either "open online" permission on the document (its policy) or should have "manage policyset" permission in UM or should have "manage documents" permission on document's policyset. For Java PPL's inspectDocument we dont execute any server callbacks and thus the information is limited.