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QR Code is disappearing when I open PDF designed using Adobe LiveCycle designer in Browser


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The QRCode object which I added in XDP for a form is disappearing in browser, but it is appearing in Acrobat reader. So I tried creating QRCode image using Zxing library and embedded into PDF using PDFBOX library. Now the QRCode can be seen in browser but not in Acrobat. In Acrobat the QRCode object which I added in XDP is appearing and when I save the PDF by entering some values in Acrobat and open that in browser then the QRCode object is appearing not my QRCode which I created using Java.


Is there a way to get QRCode Object visible on browser?


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Hi @kalyana ,

missing those 2 and using a PDF library to modify the PDF outside do not work together well.

If you are using a java lib you could create the image, make a base64 of the content and then add this in a tag of your data like <qrcodedata>IUZG897VBGUZG...</qrcodedata>. Then skip the QRcode object and do not mess with the PDF outside - use an image field of XFA, bind the data tag to it and you should see your QRcode as an image all the time.



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In our case QRCode object is part of master page and the value to that object is dynamic, like it varies to page to page. As per your suggestion we can bind with base64 value only once so that it looses dynamic behavior of getting different values for different pages.


Is there any way to handle this dynamic behavior thing?


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@Kosta_Prokopiu1 we are indeed using JAVA SDK to generate PDF from XDP using renderPDFForm(interactive pdf) and output services(flat pdf), opting your suggestion require us to add the image base64 data inside <qrcodedata> tag as input but problem is QRCode object is at master page and not on each page.

any alternate way?



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