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Oracle Database driver for OSGI/Java 11


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We already have an Oracle database driver for Java 8. 


Can anybody provide an OSGI bundle for the Java 11's version of Oracles JDBC driver?  It would be greatly appreciated. 


Of course, happy to hear arguments why it's not important to be using Java 11 instead of Java 8.

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If you are on OSGi, then please make sure you are using the correct flavor of Java 11, as per this link.

Also, you can get the oracle jdbc jar from this link, and then you can convert it(or any other jar file) to OSGi bundle as per the instructions given in this link. Thanks!


Level 7

Yes, I was hoping to avoid making the bundle myself.  I have tried unsuccessfully in the past so, was hoping for a little help.  


And, yes, we are confirming the correct JDK.