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How to write SCRIPT tag instead of DIV in HEAD section for following sly block without changing outcome of sly block


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Hi All,


I am new to Sightly , Could you please help me for below Issue.


I found that a DIV tag in HEAD section but  div tag shouldn't be in head section , it should be in BODY section but as per some requirements the following sly block should be in head section only.

found from view source path



<div style="display:none" id='aiFlag'>true</div>




Above  div tag was found in source path because of following sly block in head.html file in aem


<sly data-sly-test = "${ccmStatus.statusMessage == 'True'}" data-sly-unwrap>
<sly data-sly-use.result="${'com.test.core.widgets.FetchAIFlag' @ path=currentPage.path}" data-sly-unwrap>
<div style="display:none" id='aiFlag'>${result.getAiLogicNeeded}</div>


Now I need to write something for not getting div tag in head section and without changing outcome of above sly block .what i need to write for that, If I use script instead of div in sly block then how to write script  in the above sly block. Please help me if anyone knows the ans


Thanks in advance!

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