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HIdden subforms and table rows appearing in print


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Currently working on updating some forms to make them more HTML5-friendly. I work in Designer (latest version) and as the title says, I'm now on a form that has a number of dynamic features, specifically a series of table rows and subforms that are suppose to be hidden when the form loads and others that can be added in by the user through various selections. One option is they click a button to reveal some extra fields wrapped in a subform and in another section they enter a number, x, to have x instances of that subform added to the form (using setInstance).


I'm aware you can't initialize a subform to zero in HTML5 as that feature isn't supported so I followed Adobe's workaround here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-65/forms/html5-forms/faq.html?lang=en


First issue I'm facing is, even though the subforms are hidden, they still appear in the printed version of the form. I've tried changing the this.relevant property to "-print" anytime I hide them just to be double sure but no luck. At best, the space it occupies remains but as a blank rectangle. Now the obvious fix would be to try moving the "-print" change to prePrint and postPrint, unfortunately, due to the nature of the project we've had to implement a custom print function which does not trigger the forms prePrint/postPrint events so that's a no go.


I foolishly considered using CSS to hide or show these sections, but surprise surprise, Adobe has their "own" CSS (xfs) from however long ago and I can't even wrapped my head around how to include it in the HTML render of the form.


Second issue is the fact that when the user enters the number, some of the subforms appear but others don't. They do appear in the printed version of the form though. So essentially the subforms are being added, just not being rendered on the page.


Anyone else have this issue?

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