Custom Widgets in Adaptive Forms



Often we need to use complex & state-of-art data entry widgets in an Adaptive Forms, but there might be a case that those widgets/components are not provided OOTB in Adaptive Forms, but may be provided in some JavaScript library (eg: JQuery, Underscore).

In these scenarios, we can easily Lift & Shift these widgets from these libraries to AEM Forms for our use. We can extend any of the OOTB provided widgets, with the these UI widgets. One of the most common use-case I have seen is to implement AutoComplete/AutoSuggest widget into AEM Forms.

I have created a blog post with step by step details for implementing Custom Widgets in Adaptive Form, by taking the example of AutoComplete Widget on AEM Forms Blog

In case you have any troubles implementing custom widgets, please feel free to ask your questions here.

Thanks & regards,

Jagjeet Singh

AEM Forms Blog