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Hello guys.

So, I'm storing a form data my visitors fill in AEM, using the Store Content action on my form.

However, I need to clean this user generated data periodically, so my user can get reports every month with just that month data.

Is there an easy way to do this? The optimal way would be to inform a path in a workflow and the it would delete everything below this node. I've already explored some of the ootb workflows and couldn't achieve this goal (there is one that delete content, but a node at a time).

Edit: Working with AEM 6.0, SP3.


Thanks very much.

Matheus Barreto.

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       If you are looking for a workflow which deletes all nodes below a given path then that should be easy to author if it is not available OOTB. You simply need to drag Process step in the workflow and write ecma script to delete the path and it's child nodes.




have you tried storing data specific to month. For example Jan data under Jan node, Feb data under Feb Node

, This way it will be easier to purge the nodes



Kautuk, I'm using AEM 6.0 and the website component form to get user inputed data, not the "AEM Forms" adaptative one or something like that. Also, the Purge workflow of a node children nodes I need to implement is kind of AEM general use, right? Anyway, thanks for move it out to the right section. Hoping the experts can help 🙂