Call secure workbench process from within xdp



I have some xdp in which I have created WSDL data connections which will get invoked when I enter data in one field and tab out.

But since my workbench process is enabled with security so I am getting a login screen in the PDF.

How can I pass some userid and password to my WSDL from the xdp. Any way to do this.





yes . When the workbench process is not turned on with security it is working. But when Security is on it is giving the security login pop up.

SOAP end point of my workbench process is,


so when creating WSDL data connection in the xdp, I am giving this end point and selecting the option "Allow parameterized soap address".

Then in the in the XML source of the document, I am updating the <soapAddress> and <wsdlAddress> tags to the below,



Still I am getting that security pop up which we dont want. Anything wrong with the above syntax or approach?

Please help with the same.