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Are there licensing rules for created dynamic PDFs from AEM Forms 6.1?


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It is remarkably difficult to find the licensing information (if there really is any), and calling Adobe's support line is...less than helpful (are there actually humans, or do you just get routed around until they hang up on you?).

What I'm trying to find out is: if a dynamic PDF is created in AEM Forms 6.1 (offline, so no cloud sync or anything like that), are there licensing limitations to the created PDF? I remember that there was some stuff with Livecycle, but I was never clear on if those limitations were for Livecycle itself or for the created PDFs, and/or if that was really focused on the server-based type.

In addition, is there a place I can go to read the licensing terms? The best I've found (https://helpx.adobe.com/legal/product-descriptions/adobe-experience-manager.html) is really more focused on AEM Sites, which I don't have. 

What I want to be able to do is to create a dynamic PDF, share the PDF with my coworkers, post a copy on our website so our customers can see how we do our work, and have completed PDFs (which may have been saved as static PDFs) available upon request by our customers. Can I do this?

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If you are generating read-only dynamic PDFs, there are no additional licensing requirements (apart from what you have already paid for AEM Forms). 

You need additional licensing (called Reader Extensions) if your requirement was to generate an Interactive PDF (with form fields) and wanted ability to Save the PDF with filled data. 


Priyank P


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I'm not clear on what a read-only dynamic PDF is. Like, you can use it but not save it with data entered? Or you can't save it as a dynamic PDF but as a static one? I'm not even sure how to go about forcefully implementing the latter.

So distributing a fillable dynamic PDF with information already in the fields is a no-no. But if I take that form and have digital signatures which lock all of the form fields with all of the filled out data, and then distribute the PDF, that should be okay...?


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If you own a license of "AEM Forms 6.1" then you are licensed to create "save off line" dynamic PDF's that can be filled in and saved / submitted offline. This used to be licensed as a separate "Reader Extensions" license but is now incorporated into your forms license. Your license is likely a CPU license so there'd be no restrictions on the number of forms you could generate. However, you will have your own EULA that describes how you can use the product and if there are any restrictions to the number of seats. There is a possibility that your EULA is unique and has some special use case restrictions so I'd check with the person / people responsible for the licensing of AEM in your organization. They should be well aware of the license.