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AEM Project Maven dependency Jars


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Hi Team


Currently we are working on Government Project where we are not allowed to used Public repositories . We need to all AEM and Forms related dependent jars to our Internal Repositories .


As per below link , Central repo having 26 and Adobe public having 19 dependency jars But usages only two in Central Repo and one Adobe public .

What is deference o Central repo vs adobe Public (Most of the time we used adobe public repo only ) , Do i need to take all the jars uploaded to our internal repo or latest sdk jar enough for AEM (ex: com.adobe.aem) & aem osgi forms(forms add-on) ex: com.adobe.aemfd) .



Currently we added two jars related SDK(AEM as a cloud service) but we using AEM6.7.20 on-premises with adobe OSGi Forms add-on package (project completely OSGI forms) ,is there any risk use SDK jars for AEM6.5 on-premises Project for Local development 


AEM Osgi Forms:


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