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AEM 6 -> xtype not working (used to work in 5.6)


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Would it be possible for someone to test following assumption? I'm afraid the tutorials, explaining how to create a custom xtype, require an update. 

I followed the 2 tutorials as mentioned below. They used to work with AEM 5.6 but don't work anymore with AEM 6.0 (but don't mention the support of AEM 6.0)

The document http://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-0/develop/components/widgets.html is entirely AEM 6.0 specific but doesn't contain the required javascript (causing the problem).  

Please find below 2 images and a short description of the behavior: 

- the CustomWdiget javascript is triggered partially but the constructor is never invoked (is invoked in AEM 5.6) 

- as a consequence, I never see my 2 or 3 fields in the dialog but I only get a (default) textfield

Many thanks in advance, 


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