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AEM 6.1 Forms Server does not create a required external service (as it did in ES 4 SP1) for HTTP data model doc svcs custom component


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Having installed Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 Forms Server for Red Hat JBoss (Windows), I was pleasantly surprised in the reduced boot time (vs Livecycle ES4 SP1).

I installed a Livecycle Archive (containing a HTTP Service data model and associated generated document services component) and deployed it. That caused an error: "ERROR [com.adobe.workflow.AWS] (http-/ Service: CivMilInterfaceModel not found.".

The same kind of error appears when trying to create a data model, then deploy it and use its methods :-(

First, I thought something went wrong in the installation, but after three retries I still get the same error.

I have not tried to do an in-server upgrade. I am hesitant to break my operational development server.

Please advice how to proceed or resolve this issue. Is there a tweak?

Thank you.

Wim Vanhamme.

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Can you please provide the LCA you are using?




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Dear Neerav,

My apologies for not replying earlier. Things were rather busy.

Please find attached two LCA's and a server log (AEM 6.1). One LCA was created on Lifecycle ES4 SP2 and upon deploy created an external_services_ ... entry in my application. I there was able to reference the component. The same actions (see also below) performed using AEM 6.1 Forms does not create an external_services_ ... entry in my application, and thus I cannot reference it in a process.

These actions were executed:

1. Create application

2. Create Data model, HTTP-services

3. Create HTTP service GET: getTeamXML, https://www.ofterdorie.com/b3portal/api/mojo/teamHas one parameter: teamId string

4.Model, click MyService box and remove read-only flag.

5. Click on whitespace in the model, go to properties, Doc Svcs and check Generate Document Services Component.

6. Save Model

7. Click the Generate Code button in the Data Model design view

8. Deploy the application 

(Please remove the .txt extensions on the LCA and LOG files)

Thank you for looking into this matter.