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Level 3
Level 3

Good morning alle

I am working with Adaptivform mit attachment button on AEM 6.4. When I click send button, schows "will be sent" on the BildscreenUnbenannt22.PNG

and then invisible. At the same time I do not get an e-mail

Thank for Reply

6 Replies
Community Advisor
Community Advisor

Can you please attach the error log snippet when you submit the form? Does the email work without attachment?

Level 3
Level 3

yes , it works without attachment

error log:

31.01.2019 08:01:29.641 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] LogbackManager initialized at bundle startup

31.01.2019 08:01:29.693 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Service [,18, [org.osgi.service.log.LogService]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

31.01.2019 08:01:29.697 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Service [,19, [org.osgi.service.log.LogReaderService]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

31.01.2019 08:01:29.697 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTED

31.01.2019 08:01:29.724 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent RESOLVED

31.01.2019 08:01:29.727 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTING

31.01.2019 08:01:30.103 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Service [Apache Sling Bundle Install Task Factory,20, []] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.104 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Service [Apache Sling Installer - Default Resource Transformer,21, []] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.107 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Service [Apache Sling Installer Controller Service,22, [,,,]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.113 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Service [Apache Sling Installer Controller Service,23, [,]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.114 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.132 *INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] Apache Sling OSGi Installer Service started.

31.01.2019 08:01:30.183 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent RESOLVED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.184 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTING

31.01.2019 08:01:30.191 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Service [Apache Sling Configuration Install Task Factory,24, [,,]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.280 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.330 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent RESOLVED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.331 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent RESOLVED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.332 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTING

31.01.2019 08:01:30.337 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.371 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent RESOLVED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.381 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTING

31.01.2019 08:01:30.387 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.398 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent RESOLVED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.399 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTING

31.01.2019 08:01:30.401 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.430 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] BundleEvent STARTING

31.01.2019 08:01:30.435 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Read Sling ID 02f77dc8-148f-4cac-88cf-369a3891ff42 from file C:\Users\Mohamed Ammouri\Desktop\6_4\crx-quickstart\launchpad\felix\bundle17\data\

31.01.2019 08:01:30.489 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Active run modes: [s7connect, crx3, author, samplecontent, crx3tar]

31.01.2019 08:01:30.496 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Service [Apache Sling Settings Service,25, []] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.540 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Service [Apache Sling File Installer Controller Service,26, []] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.542 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Service [Apache Sling Launchpad Startup Listener,27, []] ServiceEvent REGISTERED

31.01.2019 08:01:30.544 *INFO* [FelixStartLevel] Activating launchpad config installer, configuration path=resources/config, install path=resources/install

31.01.2019 08:01:30.926 *INFO* [logback-1] While (re)configuring Logback transient issues were observed. More details are provided below.

Community Advisor
Community Advisor

Can you upload the complete log file, this doesn't help.

Level 3
Level 3

I have downloaded the Package.It does not work and works without attachment only