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Create a Delightfully Shoppable Experience with the New WKND Reference Site and AEM’s Commerce Integration Framework | AEM Community Blog Seeding





Create a Delightfully Shoppable Experience with the New WKND Reference Site and AEM’s Commerce Integ... by Mark J. Becker & Laurentiu Magureanu


Recently, we released WKND Commerce, our new reference storefront for the Commerce Integration Framework (CIF). WKND Commerce is based on the well known WKND site for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). AEM is Adobe’s cloud-native web content management system which allows you to create engaging digital experiences. With the CIF Add-on, you can elevate these experiences even more by bringing commerce data into the mix with fluid e-commerce connections to create content-driven shopping journeys.

In this 6th post of our Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) blog series, we’ll take you on a journey in which we will transform WKND into a commerce-enabled project. What you learn here will help you enrich your own AEM projects with content and commerce to create shoppable experiences that will delight your customers.

The WKND concept, and in particular the WKND reference site, is a full reference implementation of an AEM Sites project. It comes together with a tutorial that walks you through all important aspects of an AEM Sites project and teaches you the recommended best practices for AEM projects. WKND showcases the incredible flexibility of the fully responsive WCM Core Components together with the dynamic style system that lets you style components for use in different contexts. With easy-to-use content authoring, you can manage WKND’s multisite structure (MSM) for audiences of different locations and languages. It comes with its own set of sample content and is designed to let you try out the latest features of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) when they are released.

Content and Commerce in WKND
WKND Commerce builds on top of WKND and extends it naturally by adding commerce data from Adobe Commerce or other commerce systems using CIF Core Components and the CIF Add-on. In the near future, WKND Commerce will supersede the AEM Venia reference and completely replace it. Going from a primarily commerce-driven website to a project with a wider content and commerce scope allows you to experience all features of AEM Sites and CIF in a single reference. Since Venia was designed primarily as a fashion storefront, our use cases for it are fairly limited, particularly with regard to new features introduced in AEM Sites. WKND Commerce is a production-ready reference based on the latest standards and technologies from AEM Sites and the CIF Add-on. It adds support for features like AEM Quick Site Creation and advanced associated content capabilities. With future updates, we will not only introduce the latest AEMaaCS features to WKND, but will also extend the store with additional use cases.

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Create a Delightfully Shoppable Experience with the New WKND Reference Site and AEM’s Commerce Integ...


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