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Javascript API? Sales question


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Hello we are looking into various SAAS based content api solutions like contentful http://contentful.com and http://prismic.io and we are evaluating those services against adobe's AEM product.  At a minimum we need to be able to pull content and assets from a client (browser/phone) in Javascript and Obj-C as we are not a Java shop.  Is there a javascript api and provided libraries to make pulling assets and content via a json api easier on the client?  What kind of phone integrations are there?  Can someone explain how AEM differs from these offerings above from a technical standpoint?  From looking at the developer docs it appears everything needs to be built with Java and JSPs etc.

Here are our basic requirements:

1) JSON API for pulling and saving types of content (images, text/markup, other assets)
2) Easy to use Dashboard for editors managing content
3) Ability to tag/label/organize content and have versions of content like pulling the phone version of the same piece of content.
4) Ability to set some logic/rules on content like passing in a variable and having a different version show for instance, A/B testing content
5) Bonus points if it has image processing features like upload a master image and it will convert and provide all the optimized versions for different devices/phones like cloudinary


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