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Dinamic content in AEM?


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Hi everybody:

I am new in the platform, and I still no use it but my boss make me a request, I want to know if in Adobe Experience Manager I can use a dinamic content? I mean, i know that this is for a kind of  static content but i want to know, what I can do ? or if its posible.

I hope you can help me

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AEM is a Java platform, You can create OSGi based services that can produce Dynamic Content. Can you be more specific as the type of web content you want to build. AEM is able to display all sorts of content:

  • Restful content
  • Web service content
  • JCR based content
  • etc

Ok, this is the situation , we are going to built a web site in AEM, but another department from my company has developed one tool that we want to incoporate in the new web site, that tool uses html, php, java script, css, bootstrap etc, my inquietud is if it is possible to do it?

I dont know if do you undestandme?



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Many people port non-Adobe web sites into AEM sites. AEM supports JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, bootstrap, etc. We have a lot of community articles that show you how to do stuff with these technologies.

WHen working with AEM - the preferred language is HTL as well.  htl-spec/SPECIFICATION.md at master · Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/htl-spec · GitHub