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color management


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Something has changed, with 6.4, in the configuration of Imageserver in CrxDe.

I can't find the "settings" node in the tree (as it was in 6.3) to enter default icc profile to use for RGB or CMYK pictures.

Do I have to create the nodes "configuration/jcr.content/settings" by hand?

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  • Use dynamicmedia_scene7 runmode to start AEM 6.4
  • I think you can refer to /conf/global/settings/dam/ for image profiles /conf/global/settings/dam/imageserver for imageserver settings.

     Refer doc for more detail Configuring Dynamic Media - Scene7 mode


Level 2

thanks for your answer, but I can't follow very far your advice.

I don't have the /conf/global/settings/dam and neither /imageserver...


on the other hand trying to upload some single panoramic pictures I get this:


I guess that something is missing in my configuration.

For your information I'm trying to run only an author instance for now, and I don't have any S7 server.

Many thanks