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AEM Desktop app access issue when Apache authentication implemented on the AEM 6.3 author servers


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For security purpose, we have implemented Apache authentication on our AEM 6.3 author servers.

This is causing access issue when using the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager Desktop app, version 1.7.0( on machines with Windows and Mac OS.

Prior implementing the Apache authentication, the Desktop app worked perfectly fine.

Following are the screenshots of the access errors with Desktop app after implementing Apache authentication on our AEM 6.3 author server

For Windows,


For Mac OS,

We can now login to the AEM desktop, but the assets don’t show up in Finder/Explorer. In the past the AEM Desktop would put a link on Finder and when you’d click on it, all of the assets would appear. This is the way we place images in our design software (Adobe InDesign). Currently when you click on the link the folder is empty.

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Kautuk Sahni


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Thank you for reaching out. AEM Desktop assumes that the authentication information that AEM needs comes in the form of a cookie. For example, in the out-of-the-box AEM quickstart there is a "login-token" cookie that the application uses to ensure requests to AEM are authenticated. The cookie name is unimportant, but the presence of some kind of login token cookie is.

Does your setup behave in a similar manner, or does the authentication information live somewhere else (such as in an HTTP header)? If it's not in a cookie then AEM Desktop will not currently be able to support the configuration.


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As said earlier, we have added additional Apache server on top of AEM 6.3 author server for authentication purpose.

As per the following document, we are passing the below given 3 request headers, still the AEM desktop app is not able to connect to the AEM server.





If I bypass the Apache server, then I'm able to connect to the AEM 6.3 author server through AEM desktop app successfully but not when Apache authentication is in place.