workflow from LR to photoshop to corel painter



I use LR to organize my images. I have used corel painter for some years for painting and am familiar with its brushed and painting functions. I would like to be able to use PS for selecting and masking portions of an image in order to then take the image into painter to i.e. paint the background. I know to start in LR and "edit in" PS and make my selection/mask. However, if I save it at that point it seems that the image goes back into LR and I lose the layers? If I circumvent LR and go into Painter, when I then save the image after painting on it, it does not go back into LR. Instead I would have to import it in LR to maintain the catalog/organization benefit of LR. Is there anyway to take the image from LR to PS to Painter & back to LR automatically?