What planet is Adobe on ???



Hi, After wading through Adobe website for ages, I could find no information on ICM awareness of Adobe Elements application, NO INFORMATION or assurance that what comes out of the printer would be a close match to what is seen on screen, when working with my digital photos !!!

The Adobe website looks like it could have been built on another planet !

Perhaps you could add some information about COLOUR MANAGEMENT / workflow etc.  ...Monitor/scanner/printer profiles etc. AND HOW Adobe ESSENTIALs will do all that for me ? !!!

Perhaps someone at Adobe could take a GOOD LOOK at Norman Koren photography: images and tutorials and the effort and work he has put into helping people for YEARS !!!

" Making fine prints in your digital darkroom 

Light & color  |  Pixels, images, & files  |  Getting started  |  Scanners  |  Digital cameras  |  Printers  |  Papers and inks  |  Monitor calibration and gamma  |  Printer calibration |  Scanning  |  Image editing  |  B&W printing  |  Matting and framing  |  Tonal quality and dynamic range in digital cameras 

Image editing with Picture Window Pro 

Introduction  |  Making and using masks  |  Contrast masking  |  Tinting and hand coloring B&W images  |  Example: Sunset, Providence 

Understanding image sharpness and MTF 

Introduction  |  Film and lenses  |  Scanners and sharpening  |  Printers  |  Lens testing  |  Depth of Field  |  Digital cameras vs. film  |  Grain 

Color management 

Introduction to Color science and Color management |  Implementation part 1: Setup, working color space, profile anatomy |  Implementation part 2: Monitor profiling, workflow details  |  Obtaining ICC profiles and using MonacoEZcolor  |  Evaluating color in printers and ICC profiles. "

Instead of MASSES of information about "cloud" technology, and LOTS of examples of how to RUIN my digital photos, I WOULD PREFER SOME INFORMATION ON HOW Adobe Elements WILL HELP BE PRINT THE THINGS OUT PROPERLY !!!!!!

yours faithfully, Richard J Keirle

Somerset, UK