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Upcoming Changes to the Admin Console


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The Adobe Admin Console is the one-stop shop for administrators to manage their organization’s Adobe software and users. It makes user and permission management for Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and features simple, whether you have a team of 5 or an enterprise of 5,000. As you may have heard, we are hard at work improving the Admin Console experience and want to give you a sneak peek into what’s coming this year.


Starting at the end of July, organizations will begin to see the new Admin Console when they log in to https://adminconsole.adobe.com/enterprise . Each month, the console will be revealed to more customers and by October all customers will get access.

Customer impact

Since this change is purely within the Admin Console, there will be no impact to your end-users. All your content and data will move with you to the new Admin Console and no action is required on your part.

What’s changing

New look and feel

We are enhancing the overall usability including navigation, workflows, and user management. The new design aligns with Adobe’s global design, which means that navigation, etc. will match what exists in our other products.

More in-console guidance and notifications

The new Admin Console will guide you through the steps needed to get Adobe Experience Cloud solutions in the hands of the people that need them. And you’ll be able to easily see if we need to tell you something—in our dedicated notifications center or banner-like alerts.

User management

We’re centralizing user management, making it easier than ever to find a user.

Product invitations and entitlements

We’re substantially improving the way your users get access to products and admin roles. In addition to enhanced welcome emails, look for the following:

Adobe ID: Users will get access right away, and you don’t need to wait for the user to accept an invitation before entitling them to products.

Enterprise ID: We’re eliminating the separate email with the call-to-action to complete your profile.

Ask the Community Expert Webinar

View the recording from our ATCE webinar on 9/27/17 - Ask The Community Expert Session - Adobe Admin Console Changes

Stay in-the-know

We’ll share more information here, and be sure to reach out to your Adobe Account Manager or Adobe Support with any questions. You will also receive an email approximately two weeks before your Admin Console migrates to the new version. Lookout from an email from adminconsole@adobe.com.


Q: Will I lose access to any existing features or configurations I’ve created?

A: You won’t lose anything you’ve already done within your Admin Console. Your end-users aren’t impacted, and all their Adobe Experience Cloud access will remain intact.

Q: When am I moving to the new console?

A: We will begin to move organizations over at the end of July, then monthly after that until all organizations are on the new experience. You will receive an email approximately 15 days before you are moved.

Q: Will my users be impacted?

A: This change is exclusively within the Admin Console, so there is no impact to your end-users.  Only Admins (System, Product, Product Configuration, and Group) will see the change.

Q: Is there any action required on my part?

A: There is no action required by the admin. Once you get access to your new Admin Console, navigate through the Get Started Guide to see all the bells & whistles.

Q: When will the current consoles retire?

A: Your current console will retire as soon as you migrate to the new experience. Once all consoles are migrated, we will retire the entire experiences across Adobe.

Q: Who do I contact with questions?

A: Please contact your Adobe Account Manager or Customer Support.

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