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UMAPI for auto-provisionning in Adobe Experience Cloud


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Dear all,

I come to you today because I have several questions regarding the Adobe experience Cloud application we implemented for Single Sign On (with Ping Identity) in our infrastructure.

Everything is working well, except that we have to create manually the user accounts one by one in Adobe Experience Cloud if we want the Single Sign-On process allowing to connect them into the Application. It doesn't update directly from our Active Directory.

We need an auto-provisioning solution and we saw that the UMAPI of Adobe can do that by integrating it in our organisation's administrative application. Which, in our case, is OneIdentity : Getting Started with User Management

My questions are : - would you have other technical documentations that explains how this API integration could work (with One Identity) ?
                               - do you know if this API integration has been done before with One Identity ? 

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards,


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Good morning! Glad to hear that the SSO part appears to be working for you. The way that SSO is setup it does not sync users from the IDP side to the Cloud you are correct it does have to relay on UMAPI service for that otherwise in some cases you can use the Azure Connector if that is what your backend Active Directory looks like.

Here is the documentation that I have on this: User Sync Tool by Adobe Should be a link within that document that will take you to UMAPI tools and then walk you through the integration. Short version it requires Adobe I/O to configure the setup so it uses a series of config files with specific details like IMS ORG ID, Tech Account, Client Secret, and of course the Keys themselves then you can set the integration up sync and update.  I have not specifically heard this works with your configuration but you are welcome to give this a try.




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Hi Olivier,

Does Kerry's response above answer your question? If so, would you mind marking his reply as the correct answer?