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Discrepancies in Unique Trait Realizations Count for On boarded Data


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I have onboarded two CRM file, each holds record of 141 unique ids. So 141 unique ids, each ids has 5 columns (data points), so total 141x5 = 846 traits has been realized.


I have created an onboard triat for all 5 keys in trait builder, and each trait produces the Unique Trait Realizations count as only 215. But actually the condition that use in the trait builder meets all the records in both the files, so it should populate 141 + 141 = 282 count. But i am not sure why the unique trait realized count is only 215.

Can anyone clarify this doubt.

Also i have created a segments by combine all those five traits and i got the total population count as 146. not sure how this counts has been calculated from the total trait population of 141. Please Explain

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Just making sure, is this for Experience Cloud Audiences? I want to make sure it gets into the right subforum.