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Customer Attributes - AuthState.AUTHENTICATED Failed


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Whenever I try to set a customer ID on our site I get the following error:


"testid": { "id":"123456789", "authState":Visitor.AuthState.AUTHENTICATED }


VM4662:3 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'AUTHENTICATED' of undefined

    at <anonymous>:3:51

Target: mbox.js v60

Visitor API: v2.4

AppMeasurement: v1.6

This only occurs on one of our subdomains. This happens to be the subdomain that hasn't been updated to at.js and hasn't been updated to the latest app measurement version.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm firing the setCustomerID function after the page has loaded, so Target, Analytics, and Visitor API have already loaded.

My best guess is that I just need to upgrade appmeasurement and Target.

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Could you share the URL where this error occurs?


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was there a resolution to this issue. I am facing the same