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Configure Microsoft Azure for use with Adobe SSO



I have recently seen many of our clients trying to configuration Azure with the Admin console. So I wanted to a few minutes and share some tips that might make this process a little bit more clearer on your setup.

Here is the documentation for this configuration:

Configure Microsoft Azure for use with Adobe SSO

Setup on the document is really straight forward. The part though that I am seeing some of the struggle with is how do I create the User groups and make that equal User permissions?

As we know Analytics has a ton of user permissions out there so just having this use the Default user group to give Analytics permissions really doesn't work.

In Azure I would probably recommend something like this:

Azure Group:


This then creates the same User group in the Admin console.

Then in the Admin Console under that newly created User group add the Product Profiles in the Assigned Product Profiles area.

For this one user group the Product Profiles should be something like this:


Product Profiles:

+ Reports and Analytics Access

+ Ad Hoc Access

+ Report Builder

+ Activity Map

+ Analysis Workspace

+ Data Warehouse

+ Current Data

+ Report Suites

And then you would do the same kind of setup for your next group and add on a little more access.

Admins can be in a group like "AA_Admin_Full Access" give them all access.

Main thing to keep in mind here is that you can't leave the user group you created blank. That is not going to grant access you do need to setup the Assigned Product Profiles to each group you intend. Its not a good idea to use one user group for all Analytics access.

Remember once its been setup Syncing is then handled by Azure. --><---- arrows next to the user account means this is being synced and can no longer be edited by the Admin console all changes must go through Azure.

Hope this helps!

Kerry Nelson

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