Adobe Summit 2019 | L745 - The FaaSt path to Beautiful Applications


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FaaS (function as a service) is an emerging technology trend also called Serverless by the industry. Serverless computing refers to the concept of building and running applications that do not require server management. Adobe I/O Runtime is Adobe’s serverless platform that allows you to quickly deploy custom code to respond to events and execute functions right in the cloud. With your code running on top of our cloud infrastructure, I/O Runtime allows you to build custom solutions in close proximity to the content and data, bringing Adobe services together with APIs.


  • What is Adobe I/O Runtime and serverless computing
  • How to create your own Runtime serverless integration with I/O Console and Adobe CLI
  • Best practice for serverless development
  • Using serverless development in event-driven Experience Cloud Use Cases


Dragos Dascalita Haut, Principal Engineer, Adobe

Sarah Xu, Developer Evangelist, Adobe

Session Length

1h 30m

Digital Lab Manual

Experience League Intelligent Guidance | Adobe


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