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Adobe Microsoft Partnership?


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I was in the Azure Portal and Azure Marketplace but I don't your Experience Cloud Products anymore. Was the partnership a lie?

I used to be able to give customers at least Campaign and AEM. How do I service them now?

Are there plans to re-release the products under the "Experience Cloud" Brand at Summit 2018?

Sadly, I could find SiteCore "Experience" Cloud. I hope you guys can deliver the goods I'd hate to see you miss out on the momentum of Azure.




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The partnership between Adobe and Microsoft was definitely not a lie. It is very much still a top strategic alliance for Adobe. You can learn more about the partnership on our website here.

As for which products are listed in the Microsoft Marketplace for Azure, I see quite a few of them listed when I do a quick search for "Adobe" (Microsoft Azure Marketplace). Specifically, you mentioned AEM, which was included in the search result. Maybe try searching for "Adobe" to see if you are able to find it using that term. As for Campaign, I'm not seeing that listed in the results. I've reached out to some contacts internally to see which solutions are supposed to be listed in the Azure Marketplace.

I'll reply back here once I get more information.



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Hi Jantzen,

First, thanks for the prompt reply...less than 24 hours. I forgot to post the Azure Marketplace Screenshot. It does show some Adobe Products but I don't think they are all there. I did use "Adobe" in the search.

I guess my big question is are there other products adobe? Does Adobe list under another name?

See Screenshot below:




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We're currently working together with Microsoft to add additional products to the marketplace. Due to the complexity of some of our solutions, they haven't been added to the Marketplace yet as a self-deployment options. If you are interested in a particular product, I can point you in the right direction to get additional information or a place to get in touch with our teams.


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I'm a Microsoft and Adobe partner so I'm trying stay current. Dealing with Adobe is tough...

D R is my favorite guy at Adobe, right now...