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Adobe Experience Cloud Community is moving to join the Adobe Community



At the end of May, we will move all the content and users in the Adobe Experience Cloud community from the current location on help-forums.adobe.com to the unified Adobe Community at forums.adobe.com. This is being done as a part of our coordinated efforts to improve the overall experience of help and support across all of our Clouds and Solutions. The aim of the community is the same: to provide customers and community members with a single place to connect, collaborate, and get help with all of your Adobe products and solutions.

While the information and help in the current community is useful for customers, we recognize that by having a fragmented community experience, with many of you participating in multiple communities, we are not being as helpful as we could be. With this move to our single Adobe Community platform, you will also benefit from improved performance and reliability, as well as additional community features including replying to discussions via email, bookmarks, and a more customizable notifications system.

When will the migration happen?

The migration will take place in two parts over the course of the day on Tuesday, 30 May.

At approximately 2AM PDT, help-forums.adobe.com will be offline for 2-3 hours to perform some maintenance and preparation tasks.

At approximately 1PM PDT, this site will then go offline permanently, and users attempting to visit will be redirected to relevant locations on forums.adobe.com.

We expect that it will take approximately 12 hours from this point to completely migrate your community profiles and the thousands of conversations to forums.adobe.com.

What will be the impact to the Experience Cloud Community during the migration?

During the first part of the migration, early in the morning, you will see a maintenance message and be unable to access the community.

After 2-3 hours, the site will then come back up and be available for you to continue asking and answering questions, and connecting with each other.

From this point forward, people who have not previously logged into the community will be unable to register their accounts, which means they will only be able to browse the site and cannot ask or respond to questions. This is being done to ensure that we are able to capture all of your questions and user information for the migration.

Once the main part of the migration begins, help-forums.adobe.com will no longer be accessible.

Those trying to reach help-forums.adobe.com will be redirected to the Adobe Community (forums.adobe.com), and in most cases to a more specific place on the Adobe Community based on where you tried to reach on our old site.
Note that attempts to view specific discussions on help-forums will instead redirect to the associated community on forums.adobe.com, and the discussion itself will not be available until the migration completes.

What will be the impact to the Adobe Community during the migration?

During the migration, Adobe Community (forums.adobe.com) will remain available for you to browse, ask and answer questions, and connect with other members.

However, during the period when we migrate the content from help-forums, we will disable email notifications system-wide to avoid flooding your inboxes. Notifications will be re-enabled once the migration is complete, but those notifications that would have been sent during the period they were disabled will not be sent. You can review anything that you may have missed using the on-site notifications in the Inbox.

When can I start using the new community?

You can sign into the Adobe Community at forums.adobe.com now. Your content and points earned on help-forums will not appear until the migration has completed. Your existing Adobe ID (the same credentials you use to sign in on help-forums) is all you need to sign in and get started in the Adobe Community.

To learn more about the Adobe Community, see the Getting Started Guide and the Resources section of the site for helpful tips, including a User Manual.

What if I have more questions?

We will update this announcement as new information becomes available and as you ask questions, so check back here for the latest.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reply here to let us know.

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