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Hey there!


If you ran across my post then I hope this helps you find the answers that you are looking for. I wanted to get a post out to the community for a while on resources on how to get some answers in one solid spot. As some of you may recognize my name or email, I have worked in support for Admin console for now 10 years. And lately we have been seeing a lot more moves and consolidations and need to retrain resources.


I put together a "Care package" pun intended for those of you that understand that I am part of support. But hopefully this will help!


So first off the official documentation and where to find them for you newer admins or existing admins who are just looking to sharpen up on Admin console:


Then because I know there are a bunch of you migrating your instances of Workfront hopefully this smaller package will help this comes from the desk of our implementation team:


And since I cannot train every last one of you on console I put together a  deck that is in PDF for you to review its kind of the ultimate cheat sheet for Admin console that has how to do various operations with in the Admin console. Which I will also attach for you to review if you have questions or concerns or need some clarification on how to do something with in the Admin console we are happy to assist you. Submitting a ticket to Administrative and then select your product and ask for this for it to get routed to Admin console team.


Hopefully this will help some of you out there! Thanks again for stopping by this post!


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Hi @kenelson, thank you for posting this. Might I suggest this get sent to migrating instances via email somehow? I feel fortunate to have randomly stumbled across this post as it contains SIGNIFICANTLY more information than we've received thus far in the migration process. It seems a shame that we could have stumbled through without this wonderfully compiled list of resources, had I simply not logged on to the Community and searched for posts related to Admin Console. Thanks for putting this together.