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Inequality on a unit basis! (Price Policy)


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First of all, I want to say that I am very happy with Adobe. But I have an idea to turn unlicensed uses into licensed!

I wrote to the Adobe support team and they told me that if I opened a thread in the forum, more people would support it and I could reach more authoritative people. I'll tell you about this with photo examples!



(I asked if you are using Adobe products under license!)

In this photo, many people participated in the survey I organized on Instagram!


Let's look at the results together!




Later, when I chatted with the people, I found out that many of them were students!


I asked those who voted no if they would buy these products licensed. And I wanted people who said I would buy to click on the sticker






I did this experiment live inside the university a few weeks ago! Believe me, the result was worse. A lot of people didn't prefer the licensed product.

I know, friends who are in countries like America and the UK think the prices are reasonable. As people who earn dollars, I think these prices are reasonable. However, when we look at the unit basis, 19 basis in America but 125 basis in Turkey!


Therefore, I think it would be beneficial for Adobe to launch a special campaign for "students" to encourage all students and to edit these prices for a short time on a unit basis at 25% or a rate deemed appropriate and to measure the impact!


I'm understanding about this in other countries, but there is inequality on a unit-by-unit basis. And this inequality is straining students in some countries! So I thought that a strong company like Adobe could offer a test with an inclusive approach, at least for a short time.

The comments of the friends here are also very valuable to me!

I would like to present to our esteemed Adobe officials,

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