Expand my Community achievements bar.

Experience League Community as a game - viewing and displaying your top badges earned




Hello again, Experience Makers! 

In our previous blog posts, we covered some exciting enhancements we’ve made to the leveling and badge structure. In this edition, we’ll cover more on how to easily view and display your badges.


Top  badges  and  badge gallery  

We’ve built a badge gallery with the flexibility to showcase your favorite achievements. The first row of the badge gallery will be reserved for “Top badges earned.” In your profile, you can customize which eight badges to show in the top badge area of your trophy case for other Community members to see. 



These top badges are your calling card. What do you want your peers in Community to know about you? Which proficiencies do you want in the spotlight? If you spend most of your time on Community providing solutions for others, you might want to show off your Affirm badge, which is awarded to users who’ve accumulated a substantial number of accepted solutions. Drag your Affirm badge to your “Top badges earned” section and it will also be visible on your hovercard, which appears anytime a user hovers their cursor over your Community profile.  


Example of the Artisan mission featured in top badges and on profile hovercard:


So, here’s your official chance to brag about your Community contributions, regardless of your level of expertise, with the “Top badges earned” feature. While browsing the Community feed, this feature will also help you quickly identify whose responses may be most relevant, or who you may be able to reach out to directly for assistance. Visit your profile page now and be sure to update your “Top badges earned” showcase to feature your accomplishments.  


Have any questions, comments, or feedback? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned for our next blog post on tracking your progress to the next level in Community and the new leaderboards.