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User Management API Only Allowing 1x/25 minutes. What is going on?


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I am using the User Management API (/v2/usermanagement/users/{orgId}/{page}) and noticed on the documentation, that the throttling limits are as follows:

  • Maximum calls per client: 25 requests per a minute
  • Maximum calls for the application: 100 requests per a minute

I noticed that I am only able to make about 1 API call every 25 minutes. Granted, my organization only has about 1500 users, and I do get a '200' success code with user data when I make the API call, but if I want to make another API call after, I get, 'The remote server returned an error: (429) Too many requests.'


Could there be an issue with my account that is tied to the org? There are no other API calls that I am getting as all 1500 users are returned on the same 'page' as 'LastPage = true' from the API call.


Any idea what is going on?


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Yeah I am seeing massive Retry-After values for 429 responses.


It should be no more than 60 seconds right? I am getting random responses in the 2000-3000 second range. 


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oh I figured it out. https://adobe-apiplatform.github.io/umapi-documentation/en/


Since October 2021, Adobe has added controls to check the running frequency of each UMAPI client instance to prevent running syncs more frequently than the recommended timing of no more than once every 2 hours. Running the calls more frequently can start a new session prior to the completion of the previous session, resulting in syncing delays. When the access limit is reached, further calls fail with the error message ‘429 Too Many Requests’ and a Retry-After header containing the delay required before the next call can be made. Please refer to the _Throttling_ section of each API to determine its limitations.

How **bleep**.