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Received email dozens of times: "[Action Required] Your integrations using Service Account (JWT) credentials will need to migrate"



Hello -- I'm an Adobe employee, I've received the email with the above subject dozens of times. I've followed the steps included, and I keep receiving the email. Other Adobe employees are also experiencing this because they've begun asking for my support on it as well. Is there a solution? The emails are annoying, and I want to make sure I don't lose any access, but I've already followed the included steps several times.


"You are receiving this email because you are an administrator on the xyz organization..."

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Hi @dsull -

I believe you're receiving emails for migration since you've admin or developer privilege's in Adobe Admin console. 
One way to pause these email notifications is to use "Pause email alerts" option in developer console (developer.adobe.com).


Complete Reference: https://developer.adobe.com/developer-console/docs/guides/email-alerts/#managing-noisy-email-alerts



Hi @dsull, we are legally required to email system admins on customer organizations about this deprecation and there's no opt-out either. The emails stop once the customer has taken the necessary action. 


Please feel free to contact me on Slack if you've more questions.