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CQRules:CQBP-84 ACM Critical issue The product interface annotated with @ProviderType should not be implemented by custom code.


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In Adobe Cloud Manager code quality scan I am getting 10 critical bugs


Currently I am using below versions of affected JARs:
1. asset-hub:asset-hub.ui.apps:1.1.7
2. adobe/consulting:acs-aem-commons-ui.apps:4.10.0
3. asset-share-commons:asset-share-commons.ui.apps:1.9.4

Note: All 3 of the above are installed as packages in CRX. There's no entry in pom.xml for any of the files.


Things I tried so far to fix issues:

1. @SuppressWarnings wherever the interfaces are being declared in code

2. Upgrade core.wcm.components to version 2.17.12

But none of it is working.

Please let me know if someone knows a way to fix this.




Manasi Samant

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Hi @MSamant 


could you please try to check for newer versions of the affected JARs  and update them. (asset-hub.ui.apps, acs-aem-commons-ui.apps, asset-share-commons.ui.apps) that might have addressed this issue.