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Audience Updates via I/O API Not Visible in Target


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I have just been experimenting with an automation workflow which will allow me to updated an audience via the Adobe I/O API (https://mc.adobe.io/{{tenant}}/target/audiences). But I am getting inconsistencies between what I get from the API and what I see inside Target – I have not even begun to dissect what  audience gets delivered to the page... You can see here when I begin that I am accessing a specific ID and this reflects what I can see in the UI of Target



I then use my scripts to send an update to modify the audience as below. You can see the response from the PUT reflects the changes I have made. And I would expect that the Audience that I just updated should now be reflected in the Target UI, but as you can see, it isn't.



Now if I use the GET audience method again, I can  clearly see that the audience is up to date. Notice the modified data... it is identical to my original PUT


If I go back and save the audience again it will revert to the original and that is where the problem is. I do not want to be in a situation where the Audience being viewed from within the UI is different from what will be called from the edge server I am connected to (if that is even what is happening).

Am I just expecting too much for this data to keep in sync or am I seeing and issue which needs to be addressed through support ticket.

Any one experienced this?

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Is this even the right forum



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Hi Chris,

Target UI polls for any external updates to audiences every 10mins. The import job also triggers if audiences UI page is opened but import might still not be finished and you may see stale results for a while. You may want to wait about 10-15 minutes after you update the audience via the API before you see the change reflected in the UI.


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I have the some issue, i have waited more then 24h but no changes was reflected in the UI


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Thanks for the reply, I have been out of office for a while but currently I still see the old detail in 'endsWith'. This does not seem to be a polling/caching issue. I also tried to use a private browsing session which just gave me the same result.